About the Department

The Department of Pharmaceutics is one of four Departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy created when the Faculty (formerly as a Department within the Faculty of Science, University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife) was upgraded into full Faculty status with effect from 1st October, 1969 by the Senate of the University.

  • The Department comprises of two distinct areas of Pharmaceutical Science:
  • Pharmaceutics / Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology


To become an enviable department noted for research and development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients from local sources to pilot state of commercialization


  • To be a co-pilot with other departments in promoting the mission statement of the Faculty in training qualified students for careers in pharmacy practice.
  • In addition, to provide high-level manpower for pharmaceutical industries, research institutes and universities, and to undertake relevant research in the development of pharmaceuticals

Strategic Objectives

  • To contribute to the overall training of pharmacy undergraduate students
  • To train students in the area of general pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical microbiology and the art of dispensing such that they can be effective as Pharmacists in any area of practice
  • To train postgraduate students in advanced pharmaceutics for pharmaceutical industries/universities in Nigeria.
  • To carry out research in the area of basic and applied pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology and pharmaceutical microbiology, so as to contribute to scientific developments in these areas.
  • To carry out research on locally available raw materials for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


Research Activities of the Department

  • Development of excipients from local sources for use in solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms;
  • Biochemical and molecular characterization of organisms causing locally important infections such as diarrhoea, urinary tract infections and wound infections in both adults and children;
  • Formulation of medicinal plants into dosage forms; and
  • Microbial quality and mechanism of action of natural products with antimicrobial activities.

Staff and Administration

The Department boasts of highly resourceful, experienced and qualified staff comprising of academic and non-academic staff. The academic staff are involved in teaching, research and various community services. The non-academic staff comprises of technical and administrative staff and provides needed support for academic staff in the laboratory and the office.