Ayobami O. Oyedele

Ayobami O. Oyedele

Reader in Pharmaceutics

Name: Ayobami O. Oyedele

Status: Reader in Pharmaceutics

Institution: Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Obafemi Awolowo University, ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Role: As instructor and researcher in Pharmaceutics, Ayobami Oyedele helps his students to understand the physical, chemical and microbiological principles and stabilization of pharmaceutical formulations and products.

Mission Statement: “My teaching and research inspiration are for the advancement and achievements of effectiveness and elegance of pharmaceutical preparations”

Areas of specialization: Pharmaceutical Products Development and Technology

(1) Physical, chemical, microbiological stability and antimicrobial studies of pharmaceutical products and systems;

(2) Standardization and stabilization studies of liquid, semisolid and micro-particulate drug-delivery systems.

Education: B. Pharm. M.Sc.  PhD. (Ife)


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